Welcome Families!

The 2020 - 2021 PS 89 PTA Executive Board feels so lucky to have our children attend PS 89!  We have an award-winning principal and world-class teachers, who keep their students engaged and excited to learn. We welcome programs to the school that explore the world beyond the core curriculum. We have a well-stocked library and classrooms filled with books that inspire our kids to read.  In addition, we have a community that supports the school by volunteering and donating

Every parent, guardian, or person in a parental relationship with a student at PS89 is a defacto member of the PS89 PTA.  All members are all welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly PTA general membership and the Executive Board meetings.  

Please feel free to reach out to the members of the PTA Executive Board with any questions, concerns, or to volunteer through pta@ps89.org or the e-mail addresses below.


2020-2021 Ellen Jalkut

Nominated 2021-2022 Ellen Jalkut & Amy Van Buskirk

Co-Vice Presidents of Events:

2020-2021 Nasim Roberge & Caroline Klotz

Nominated 2021-2022 Nasim Roberge

Vice President of Communications:
2020-2021 Laurie Sheindlin 

Nominated 2021-2022 Laurie Sheindlin & Nalini Dhar


2020-2021 Britni Erez & Laura Murphy

Nominated 2021-2022 Jen Stahmer & Megan Fenster

Assistant Treasurer:
2020-2021 Jen Stahmer

Nominated 2021-2022 Simon Taylor

Recording Secretary:
2020-2021 Emily Hunt

Nominated 2021-2022 Emily Hunt