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Kindergarten Admissions 2018-2019

Kindergarten Admissions Overview
In New York City, children are eligible to apply to kindergarten in the year they turn five. Each winter, kindergarten applications are accepted for the coming school year and every child is guaranteed a kindergarten placement.
All schools are expected to serve the majority of special education students in their community, and all schools are required to provide, at minimum, English as a New Language (ENL) programs to their English Language Learners.

Click here for the online application.

Use the resources below to learn about school options and the admissions process:

Read the 2018 NYC Kindergarten Directory
Search for your zoned school.
Learn about charter schools.
Sign up for kindergarten email updates.
Kindergarten resources are also available in translation:

العربية  | বাংলা  |  中文  |  Français  |  Kreyòl Ayisyen  |  한국어  |  Русский  |  Español  |  اردو  

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